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Mathematical and geographical modelling・Network science・Nonlinear dynamics


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Office Address

Shiga University 1-1-1 Banba, Hikone, Shiga 522-8522 JAPAN

Access to Shiga University (Hikone campus)


Access to Hikone campus

Hikone campus by Google Map

From Hikone railway station, there are several choices, taking the Direct bus, a taxi or on foot.

JR琵琶湖線(東海道本線)彦根駅西口より、次の交通手段をご利用ください。 直行バスで約10分 (土・日・祝日、夏季一斉休業期間、年末年始は運休)

Campus map

Campus Map My office is on the 5nd floor (Room 508) in Faculty Office building (研究棟) at No. 5 in the map.

Hikone campus map (japanese)


If you just need an accommodation for a few days, you can find a place to stay that suits exactly your needs. Thanks to the campus’s position in the city centre, there are also plenty of hotels available near our campus.